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A missionary biography that documents the trials and transformations of the lives of Peter and Brenda Griffiths. As Elim Missionaries in Zimbabwe, they were witness to the heartbreaking atrocity that rocked the missionary community, but stood up as an inspiring example of being beacons of God's love in the darkest of times, and lived out a forgiveness that seemed impossible.

A testament to God's power to forgive incomprehensible evil, and a story of unrelenting Grace and choosing to forgive the unforgivable, The Axe and the Tree shows all that has happened since the Vumba Massacre in the 1970s, as told by Peter and Brenda's son, and is a bold calling to trust God always. 

Whether you are a missionary yourself, connected with those in mission, or seeking to know how God works in Churches in other parts of the world, The Axe and the Tree will challenge you in your faith, and inspire you in God's goodness. 

"I could not put the book down nor could I read it without tears in my eyes. The strength of the story that Steve tells is that he is also part of it, he knew the people he writes about and he brings each character to life as if they were alive today. I am indebted to his diligence in unearthing history and telling it accurately. This book will never be old." Paul Hudson, Elim International Missions Director


Bear Grylls is a man who has always sought the ultimate in adventure. Growing up on the Isle of Wight, he was taught by his father to sail and climb at an early age. As a teenager he found identity and purpose through both mountaineering and martial arts, which led the young adventurer to the foothills of the mighty Himalaya and a grandmaster's karate training camp in Japan.

On returning home, he embarked upon the notoriously gruelling selection course for the British Special Forces to join 21 SAS - a journey that was to push him to the very limits of physical and mental endurance.

Then, in a horrific free-fall parachuting accident, Bear broke his back in three places. It was touch and go whether he would ever walk again. However, only eighteen months later Bear became one of the youngest ever climbers to scale Everest, aged only twenty-three. But this was just the beginning of his many extraordinary adventures . . .

Known and admired by millions, Bear Grylls has survived where few would dare to go. Now, for the first time, Bear tells the story of his action-packed life. Gripping, moving and wildly exhilarating, Mud, Sweat and Tears is a must-read for adrenalin junkies and armchair adventurers alike.


This is a book about transformation, restoration and true freedom. Collated stories from prisoners and their family members, these 40 remarkable testimonies speak powerfully about the reality of encountering Jesus.

Readers can explore how we all can find hope in Jesus, no matter who we are. Ideal for Lent, these 40 faith-inspiring stories can be read daily in the run up to Easter.

Created in partnership with Prison Hope, an initiative working to connect the Church with local prison, 40 Stories of Hope is compiled by Catherine Butcher, the Communications Director for HOPE, and includes a Foreword by Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury.


Andrew White served as the Vicar of St George's Church until when, in 2014, he was forced to leave the Church for his own safety. This was because St George's Church was the only Church in all of Baghdad.This is the extraordinary story of the man who became the vicar of one of the most violent, war-torn and tumultuous cities of modern times.

Told with equal amounts of compassion and charm, My Journey So Far is an inspirational account of everything that led him to leading the only church in Baghdad.

From his early life in a suburb of South-East London to negotiating in the Bethlehem siege of 2002, and beyond, Andrew White's inspiring life has always been fuelled by a love of people and a passion to bring peace and reconciliation. Whether it's in Israel, Palestine, Jordan, or Iraq, Andrew White is determined to step into conflict and bring God's peace.

"Andrew White has the extraordinary capacity to sail the seas of conflict, coming alongside those involved in causing and delivering violence, and capturing them for the cause of peace. To do this he breaks most of the rules in any book of health and safety, personal protection, and bureaucratic process ... He inspires forgiveness and demonstrates love." The Most Revd and Rt Hon. Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury

daring to hope.jpg

Called to compassion, Katie Davis Majors' story is like no other. When she was just in her teens, one average teenager stepped out into a life that was anything-but-ordinary. Packing her bags, she swapped her home for Uganda, and adopted 14 children from the war-torn country. The story of her unique mission for motherhood, Kisses from Katie, was a bestseller, and moved readers to follow their hearts for helping others in God’s name. Now, 10 years after her move to Uganda, Daring to Hope is the next chapter in Katie’s story.

Picking up right where Kisses from Katie left off, Daring to Hope is all about the challenges and rewards of serving God in the most unlikely of ways. It’s a book all about finding God’s heart for the neglected, the needy, and those nobody else wants. It’s a book not about finding home and purpose, but about making it.

Raising 13 children, whilst running a charity, a home, and sharing God with those around her unique family - the life of Katie Davis Majors is one filled with highs, lows, miracles, struggles and, above all, hope.

The perfect book for anyone wrestling with finding how they can follow God and make a difference. Daring to Hope will challenge you, as well as making you laugh, cry, and look forward to all you can do when you dare to imagine a better future for others in need.

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