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No greatness without goodness

Like every parent of a disabled child, Randy Lewis fears for the future of his son. Randy was a seniour executive at one of the largest and fastest growing retailers in America. If his distribution centres did not deliver efficiently and economically, Walgreens could not serve its customers and would lose out to competitors. Randy's motto is "what's the use of having power if you don't use it to do good?". He set out to create an inclusive workplace where people with disabilities could thrive in jobs with equal pay and conditions, held to the same standards as those without disabilities. No Greatness Without Goodness tells how Randy and his team achieved their goal, the impact it had, and how companies throughout the world like Boots and M&S have been inspired by this example.

"A bold and courageous story. An Inspiring read for business leaders, a heart warming read for parents, and a must-read for anyone facing a challenge" - John Aurik, Managing partner, A.T. Kearney.

A true story of imprisonment, torture, and suffering in the Gambia for preaching God's word. 

"Even the writing style itself tells of how God has worked through David"  - Phil Lee 

This book will disturb you and open your eyes to the situation in the Gambia which, sadly, has changed little since the events of this book. You may know of David and his wife Fiona. They were missionaries in the Gambia and were arrested by the local secret police in 2008. Parts of their situation made it to the newspapers at the time, but now David has decided it is time to tell the full story. Click here to read an extract from Time to Tell and get a small taste of Dave's life before he was imprisoned.

  When Eleanor Stuart abandoned her vows and her life as a nun, she found herself in the middle of the swinging Sixties - and soon joined in. Boyfriends, parties and mini-skirts took the place of silence and restraint, as she pursued her career as a midwife and the men she met with equal commitment. Troubled by her relationship with her mother, and what she saw as a growing estrangement from her faith, she finally falls in love and settles down - only to discover her past catching up with her as she faces infertility all the while dreaming of a happy family, the same dream that drove er out of the convent. 

"It's a story which could be straight out of TV's Call The Midwife." - Daily Mail.

  The autobiography of the man of inspiration who's lived without limbs. "The most important goal in life is to find your life's purpose and to never give up, despite whatever difficulties or seemingly impossible odds stand in your way." - Vujicic  (£9.99)

Greg Livingstone: born out of wedlock, unwanted at birth, founder of Frontiers - the world's largest mission organisation dedicated to church planting among Muslim people. This delightful account, full of compelling humour, strange experiences, and self-deprecating honesty, is a page-turning account of how Greg's burden for the millions of Muslims who had no opportunity to hear the gospel lead to the start of the Frontiers movement who now have 1300 field workers in some fifty countries of Africa and Asia.

"Leaves the reader switching between bending over in laughter and bending over in prayer" - Professor J. Dudley Woodberry
"A hard book to put down!" - Phil Parshall, SIM

Manoj Raithatha had it all. A multi-million pound property business, a picture-book family, and the power to shape his destiny. His was a life to envy. Then his world was shattered. The 2008 financial crisis devastated his business and sudden illness threatened his son's life. His hollow foundations exposed, Manoj found himself utterly dependent on the prayers of others and the help of a previously unknown God. What happened next would forever change his life and the lives of all his family. Morally bankrupted by greed and selfishness, Manoj would have to build his life and marriage anew with different foundations.

"Gripping and emotionally moving... I couldn't put the book down." - Steve Uppal, seniour leader, All Nations Christian Centre, Wolverhampton

  ' Accessible and engaging, this is a fascinating portrayal of a creative genius who continues to inspire millions of readers around the world'  (£9.99)  


  The incredible story of Annie Chikhwaza. 'She has overcome molestation, divorce, carjacking, a broken back,  attempted murder,  attempted rape and the death of her beloved husband. Yet she has a vision, and will not be deflected. This is her story'.  - Al Gibson

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