Bridge Books rising above the high street slump

Grow Magazine included Bridge Books as an independent bookshop rising above the high street slump. With approximately 85,000 people losing jobs from Britain’s high streets, the picture of retail shopping is changing and it seems to be painting a bleak picture.

According to The Booksellers Association, the number of independent bookshops is on the rise. Grow spoke with local bookshops including our very own Paula Ponton who said:

“People who have bought books from the internet find that they can’t read them. They order large print but when it comes, it isn’t what they want so they come to us.”

Paula shared that independent bookshops like Bridge Books can offer a “personal service” that chain retailers and online retailers cannot:

“We can play them CDs they are interested in and we can give recommendations.”

We celebrated our 10th anniversary of Bridge Books in 2018 and aim to have an excellent service for all our customers. This article in Grow’s online magazine is an encouragement for all of us and it is great that independent bookshops are flourishing in the local area.

The article in Grow can be read here: Independent Bookshops Are Rising Above The High Street Slump