Why Read The Bible? by Ruth Clemence

Why Read The Bible?

       The Bible is more accessible than ever before here in the UK. You can now get different translations to help you engage and understand it. It has been translated into many different languages. There are Bibles that can be coloured in or used for journaling; many have pictures or provide additional study notes to give you a deeper appreciation and knowledge of what has been written. Many people own more than one or use an app on a smartphone which skips to the exact book, chapter and verse that is needed. However, there is something pretty amazing about flipping through a hardcopy of this incredible text. Here are just three remarkable reasons to read the Bible – there are many more!

Three reasons to read the Bible

1)         It points to Jesus - it’s God’s Word to us. When we spend time reflecting on what has been written in its pages, it deepens our relationship with God and we can know Him better. Also, from the beginning in the book of Genesis to the final book of Revelation, there is an overarching narrative that runs throughout the Bible – it all points to Jesus Christ. If we are only looking for Jesus in the New Testament, we are missing the richness and excitement that unfolds right from the start.

2)         It’s not about us - the Bible teaches us how to live and how to obey and trust in God. With the uncertainty that life often throws our way, we can know God’s heart for our lives. It deals with some of life’s toughest questions like suffering, life’s purpose, death and life after death. It’s not a book about us – it’s about the Living God. It’s where we can know God and see His love for us. As we read the Bible, it has the power to transform us.

3)        Don’t take it for granted - in many parts of the world accessing a Bible is extremely difficult. Owning a bible could result in persecution, imprisonment and even death, yet many risk their lives for it. We are free to buy, open, read and share the Word of God in this country and so let’s not take it for granted.

     At Bridge Books, we are passionate about the Bible and have a variety of different translations available in store. We would love to encourage you to engage with the Bible; maybe you own one somewhere, but it’s a bit dusty. Perhaps you have worn out your existing copy and it’s time for a new one. It might even be the first time you have considered reading or buying a Bible for yourself or maybe you would like to buy one for someone else.

      Whatever your situation, we would love to help you know what Bibles are available to you. Please feel free to give us a call on: 01392 427171 or email sales@bridgebookshop.co.uk or pop into the shop and we can show you our full selection or order it in for you.