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Bridge Books is one of God’s ministries to His people in this region and beyond. Without His hand on it Bridge Books would not be here. Without our valued customers this ministry would not exist.  So thank you to each and every one of you.

We want the 10th anniversary celebrations to continue so come and visit us for...

Ten plus 1 - Any church group or school buying 10 items will get another free. Valid from 1st July to 30th August. Buy your Bibles, prizes and hymn books now!



Hannah Dunnett's 2019 Calendar - come into the shop to get a copy of this lovely calendar or place an order for Christmas. 


Start the summer holidays right...

As many children, young people and students look forward to the summer break, why not consider purchasing something from us that can continue to inspire, equip, encourage and bless over the summer and beyond? Whether they are starting out on their journey of faith, celebrating a baptism, dedication, confirmation or birthday or being awarded a prize in their church group - whatever the milestone, achievement or reason - there is something to be found at Bridge Books. You can purchase individual gifts or do a bulk order to give to a larger group. To find out more, why not come and visit us in the shop to get some great ideas, give us a call on 01392 427171 or email us sales@bridgebookshop.co.uk.

Why not try...


There’s not just one way to pray. Or two. Or three. Or any number of ways. Prayer is a place to experiment, to try new things, to speak to God with our own voice. And The Prayer Experiment Notebook exists to help young children learn just that. By showing that prayer is much more than putting your hands together and being quiet, it will bring excitement to kids learning to talk to God. It includes prayer experiments such as: Play Dough Prayers, Paper Chain Prayer, Lego Prayers, Bubble-wrap worry prayers, Minecraft Church, Playing Card Prayer and lots more!

  • For parents and Sunday school leaders
  • These prayer experiments show how anything can be used in speaking to God
  • Great for growing children's enthusiasm in prayer

This book is based on a blog run by Revd Miranda Threlfall-Holmes and her teenage son, Noah, www.TeenagePrayerExperiment.blogspot.co.uk. Miranda and Noah developed the blog and book as they could find nothing on the market to introduce teenagers to different ways of praying. Each chapter of the book introduces a prayer practice, e.g using labyrinths, Lego Bible modelling, prayer beads, prayer walking. It also includes comments by teenagers who have tried it out and space for the young person to record their own thoughts.


God and science - you can't really believe in both, right...? Or can you?? Is God Really Legit? asks the tough questions and gives you the info you need to decide. Do miracles happen? Is the earth 6,000 years old? What about the Big Bang? Who is God? And where? Is it creationism or evolution? Why Genesis 1? Is faith blind? What is `faith' anyway? Delving into all these questions and more, Neil Laing puts both God and science under the microscope. Exploring literal approaches to the Bible and purely scientific views of the world, he reveals how each has misunderstood the nature of faith and their own limitations. Might it be that a correct understanding of one actually builds faith in the other? When it comes to belief in God, Neil shows that faith and science really do add up!


Squiggle and Splodge, the youngest of the Pens characters, are due to start school and Splodge is nervous, and is hiding under the bed covers. With the encouragement of the other Pens, especially Charlotte, who explains that God, their Special Friend, will go with them to school and will help them not to be scared, Splodge finds the courage to go - and has a wonderful day. 

Three new characters are introduced - the teacher, Miss Fountain Pen, and two new pupils, Rowena Rollerball and Henry Highlighter, who are both starting school on the same day as Squiggle and Splodge. This new Pens story concludes with five days of Bible readings based on the story of David and Goliath. Ideal for children aged 3 to 6. 

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