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Journey With Me: 365 Daily Devotions by Catherine Campbell


Catherine Campbell invites you to journey with her through the year as she shares 365 Bible meditations that have touched her heart and changed her life.

Using an eclectic mix of readings, character cameos and anecdotes, Catherine takes us across new terrain every day. As with life, some paths will be smooth and scenic, while others are steep and stony. The journey may be unpredictable, but the map is trustworthy and the Guide always present.

Local Authors


Helen Pollard

Emotional healing is often a process. God, in His infinite love and wisdom, addresses issues in our hearts in His own timing and not necessarily in the order we might choose. The freedom He brings us is not usually and instantaneous event, but a result of our growth and maturing as we allow Him to gentle touch every area of our lives. 

Helen Pollard survived a traumatic childhood through Jesus’ miraculous healing, alongside help from secular therapies and varied prayer ministries. In this book she uses her own story to guide us into principles that we can apply to our own lives – to outgrow the shackles. Helen’s blunt realism is disarming, whilst her profound wisdom and insight into healing and forgiveness are a challenge to every believer.



Liz Grier

Introducing: one young mum, one vicar, two small boys and a call - maybe! - to pioneer a church for young people who don't do church in Devon. Following this daunting call, Liz and James uproot their two young sons from Birmingham and move to rural Devon. But with no building, no team and no money, their task seems impossible.

Based on her journal entries, this is the story of Liz, a running, cake-baking and harp-playing mother of two, as she struggles with faith, friendships, motherhood and work-life balance, all the while embarking on the formidable challenge of pioneering a fresh expression of church. This ten-year story of planting Unlimited Church is vulnerable, frank and wry, rejoicing and weeping over the highs and lows of following God's call. Join Liz in discovering that with God there are no limits!


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God’s Biker by Sean Stillman


Zac's Place is a church in Swansea. It is a small chaotic community of Jesus followers where the most fragile of life's walking wounded try to work out their faith, because they quite simply wouldn't fit anywhere else. It's also the spiritual home for the local chapter of the motorcycle club God's Squad. Zac's Place was founded in 1998 and for nearly twenty years has been led by Sean Stillman – a "painfully shy, nervous preacher's kid" – whose front-line ministry, at Zac's Place and on the road, has cost him dearly, including physical beating. In Zac's Place, chaos and disorder sit alongside community and grace in an environment that sometimes resembles an AA meeting mixed with a casualty department.

This is Sean's personal story of a transformed faith alongside the broken, the story of the church he started and the European-wide growth of an unlikely bunch of biker missionaries. The thread that will run through it is the 'greater righteousness' that Christ was looking for - what can happen when our concern for the perfect performance is stripped bare and replaced with poverty of spirit.


They Called Us Love by April Holdren and Deborah Meroff


Going to Africa would cost April everything. She went anyway.

From a young age, April Holden was diagnosed with chronic health problems that restricted what she could and could not do. Growing up in St. Helens, Merseyside, April was a frail child who knew pain and resistance her whole life. But, at just seven years old, she came to faith and was convinced that God had called her to leave her home behind and move to Africa. When in university, she was finally old enough to apply to work with street children in Africa, but was turned down.

That didn’t stop her. Nothing would.

After training to become a teacher, April applied again to leave the UK behind, and serve God in Africa. This time she got a step closer to her calling; she was sent to Egypt for training. Soon after, her chance came. She transferred to one of the most tumultuous, war-torn regions of North Africa. There she set up homes for boys scarred by war, fleeing violence, seeking safety. There she God do the impossible and offer a beacon of hope in an area of conflict and fear. She also saw her own life thrust into danger as political shifts had turned many of the population against anyone who looked like her, like the American forces that were now invading.

After escapes that were too close for comfort, April returned to the UK. But her work wasn’t finished yet.


Enjoying God by Tim Chester


We believe in God, we serve God, we trust God, but would we say that we experience God on a day to day basis? Do we really know him personally? What exactly does a relationship with God look like, and how is it even possible?

In this seminal work by Tim Chester, we'll see how the three persons of the Trinity relate to us in our day-to-day lives and how to respond. We'll discover that as we interact more with God, and understand how awesome he is, we will experience the joy of being known by the creator of the universe.

Every Christian will benefit from discovering the key to enjoying God in every moment of everyday.

Catching Contentment by Liz Carter


If anyone has a right to feel angry with life, then the author is a strong candidate. Having battled with lung disease from a young age, suffered at the hands of bullies, and, reluctantly, given up her much-loved teaching job, she has plenty to complain about.

But she has made a point of exploring contentment. She has drawn particularly on Paul's letter to the Philippians. 'Contentment is something we can all catch hold of,' she believes, 'whatever circumstances we find ourselves in.'

This is a message which we need to hear, whether we are lifelong sufferers, like the author, or facing deprivation or injustice of another sort. Or we may simply have fallen into bad habits. We cannot fail to be uplifted, and hopefully transformed, by the author's discoveries as we learn to buck trends within society and the church.


Long Story Short by Andy Frost


The universe is made of stories not of atoms,' said American poet Muriel Rukeyser. Whether you agree with this sentiment or not, the fact is: your life tells a story. From beginning to end, your life will create a unique narrative, shaped by the widder stories you find yourself living in. 

So what story are you living in? 

Exploring the importance of such stories and how these shape our identity, Share Jesus International's Andy Frost humbly presents the ultimate narrative of life, the universe and everything: the God Story. 

Reimagining Britain by Justin Welby


In a time of political turbulence, and as the Welfare State totters under the strain in a country that has changed dramatically since 1945, Archbishop Justin Welby sets out to identify the values that will enable us to reimagine, and to enact, a more hopeful future.

The thesis is that the work of reimagining is as great as it was in 1945, and will happen either by accident – and thus badly – or deliberately. The author draws on Britain's history and Christian tradition to identify this country's foundational values, and the building blocks necessary to implement them in a post-Brexit, multicultural society. 

He explores the areas in which values are translated into action, including the traditional three of recent history: health (especially public, and mental), housing and education. To these he adds family; the environment; economics and finance; peacebuilding and overseas development; immigration; and integration. He looks particularly at the role of faith groups in enabling, and contributing to, a fairer future. 

When so many are immobilized by political turmoil, this book builds on our past to offer hope for the future, and practical ways of achieving a more equitable society.

£16.99.  320 pages

Be The Hands and Feet by Nick Vujicic


Nothing in life is as exciting and satisfying as introducing Jesus to people who have never met him. New York Times bestselling author and world-renowned motivational speaker Nick Vujicic is known worldwide as the man without arms and legs who personifies a "can do" spirit.

Now in greater detail, he explains how the example of Jesus Christ motivates him to travel widely and speak boldly because the "good news" of the Gospel is just too good to keep quiet! Although the world has so many problems, no challenge is too great for the God who promises to move mountains.

Using compelling stories from his own experience, Nick shares the heart of his message, the motivation behind all he does, and some- thing that he believes the world needs now more than ever before: A faith in Jesus Christ that moves people to act and make the world a better place.

£9.99.   256 pages.

Taking Off The Mask by Claire Musters


Too often we hide our true selves from the world behind masks we have carefully constructed, but this is not how God created us to be . Through her own personal story Claire Musters shows how it is possible to take off these masks and live a freer and more authentic life.

Church can be the best but also the worst of places. Our faith needs community to survive but why do so many of us wear masks as soon as we step inside a church meeting of any type, hoping to show that we have everything 'together'? What creates a culture that makes us think we are supposed to behave in a certain way? Surely church should be a place of acceptance, love and freedom? So why do so many of us feel like we can't truly be ourselves? 

Claire Musters has been grappling with these questions ever since a painful and humbling situation forced her to remove her own mask. Taking off the Mask charts her own personal experience and provides lessons and pointers on how we too can find a more authentic way to live. Chapters include points for reflection to really help deal with issues that are raised in this sensitive, honest and ultimately hope filled book.

£9.99  224 pages.


In this superbly detailed biography Tom Wright traces Paul's career from zealous persecutor of the fledgling Church, through his journeys as the world's greatest missionary theologian, to his likely death as a Christian martyr at the hands of Nero in the mid 60s CE.

Drawing judiciously on the latest research into the Jewish, Greek and Roman worlds, and enriched by a wealth of critical insight into Paul's own writings, this is the most rounded portrait of the apostle ever painted – his development, motivations, spiritual struggles and intellectual achievements, and his lasting impact over two millennia.

£18.99.  464 pages.


This provocative book starts with an unlikely interview in which America's foremost sceptic builds a seemingly persuasive case against the miraculous. But then Strobel travels the country to quiz scholars to see whether they can offer solid answers to atheist objections. Along the way, he encounters astounding accounts of healings and other phenomena that simply cannot be explained away by naturalistic causes. The book features the results of exclusive new scientific polling that shows miracle accounts are much more common than people think.

What's more, Strobel delves into the most controversial question of all: what about miracles that don't happen? If God can intervene in the world, why doesn't he do it more often to relieve suffering? Many American Christians are embarrassed by the supernatural, not wanting to look odd or extreme to their neighbours. Yet, The Case for Miracles shows not only that the miraculous is possible, but that God still does intervene in our world in awe-inspiring ways. Here's a unique book that examines all sides of this issue and comes away with a passionate defence for God's divine action in lives today.

£10.99.  352 pages.

Can science explain everything? by John Lennox


Can science explain everything?

Many people think so. Science, and the technologies it has spawned, has delivered so much to the world: clean water; more food; better healthcare; longer life. And we live in a time of rapid scientific progress that holds enormous promise for many of the problems we face as humankind. So much so, in fact, that many see no need or use for religion and belief systems that offer us answers to the mysteries of our universe. Science has explained it, they assume. Religion is redundant.

Oxford Maths Professor and Christian believer John Lennox offers a fresh way of thinking about science and Christianity that dispels the common misconceptions about both. He reveals that not only are they not opposed, but they can and must mix to give us a fuller understanding of the universe and the meaning of our existence.


The Father’s Kiss by Tracy Williamson


There is a growing epidemic of fatherlessness in society today, with more and more people experiencing crippling wounds through their childhood experiences. The Father heart of God longs to heal these wounds and bring joy and freedom in their place. But how do we learn to trust and love a heavenly Father when we have been hurt by our earthly fathers?

Tracy Williamson honestly shares the insights and lessons she has learnt on her journey as she has allowed God to free her from deep childhood hurts, into the revelation that she is a beloved daughter of Father God. With a unique mix of practical teaching, personal stories, poems, prophecies and questions for reflection this is a life-changing resource for all who carry the wounds of rejection.

Tracy helps readers understand God's love for them, and how they can grow in their relationship with him and be a channel of his love to others. Reflection points throughout each chapter allow the reader to take time to pray through and apply lessons learned, gently allowing their hearts to be opened to the Father's deep affection for them.


Before The Days Draw In by Mary Kissell


When Mary Kissell committed to getting up early every morning to spend time in prayer, she began a practice that would revolutionise her life.

This rich and moving memoir tells the incredible story of how simply following the Holy Spirit's leading saw countless people impacted around the world and the most heart-rending situations transformed.


21 Servants of Sovereign Joy by John Piper


Throughout history, the lives of spiritual giants—though full of struggle, sin, and weakness—magnify the glory and majesty of God. Their lives and teachings are full of messages that are still profoundly relevant. Their voices live on. And their stories should be told and read today.

In this book, John Piper explores the lives of twenty-one leaders from church history, offering a close look at their perseverance amidst opposition, weakness, and suffering. Let the endurance of these faithful but flawed saints inspire you toward a life of Christ-exalting courage, passion, and joy.

Is This Is? by Rachel Jones


Sooner or later, most of us find that adult life is not all it's cracked up to be. At some point we take a look at where we've got to and wonder: "Is this it? Why did no one warn me that adult life was going to be this… difficult?"

Rachel Jones is 20-something, trying to keep it together, and ready to say what we're all thinking. Whether you're just feeling a bit lost or having a full "quarter life crisis", this funny, honest, hopeful book reveals the difference Jesus makes to the angst of adulting.


Being Human by Rowan Williams

What is consciousness? Is the mind a machine? What makes us persons? How can we find the path to human maturity?

These are among the fundamental questions that Rowan Williams helps us to think about in this deeply engaging exploration oof what it means to be human.

The book ends with a brief but profound meditation on the person of Christ, inviting us to consider how, through him, 'our humanity in all its variety, in all its vulnerability, has been taken into the heart of the divine life'.

With discussion questions for personal or group use at the end of each chapter, this is a book that readers of all religious persuasions will find both challenging and highly rewarding.

£9.99.  128 pages.

Take Heart by Matt Chandler

Christendom is dead. And that's a good thing.

The Christian culture that has underpinned Western society for centuries has been eroded. We're now at the point where to disagree with people on issues such as marriage and sexuality, is seen as hateful. Christians are no longer seen as honourable, but as bigots. But history testifies that the more people try to destroy Christianity, the more it grows. So we are entering an exciting period of time because we're back in the place where Christ's church can thrive - at the margins of society.

In this stirring, passionate book, Matt Chandler shows us we need Christian courage like never before, and how to live with compassion and conviction, able to look around positively and reach out confidently.

It encourages us not to be thwarted by fear, but to depend on God and have confidence that Christ will build his church, despite continual marginalization. A must-read for any Christian who wants to understand how to stand firm and walk forwards in an increasingly secular culture.

'This is a much-needed reminder that gospel Christianity thrives when it is out of power, and that Christian courage comes from trusting not in cultural power but in God’s power and grace.' Timothy Keller

£7.99.  128 pages.

The 24-7 Prayer Manual by Pete Greig and David Blackwell


A spiritual revolution is sweeping the world. The 24-7 Prayer Manual has already helped thousands of people around the world to mobilize life-changing seasons of night-and-day prayer in churches, on campuses, at festivals, and even in the corridors of power. Ignited in a prayer room in England, the impact of the 24-7 movement is transcending borders, languages, and cultures across America, and in more than a third of the nations on earth. The emphasis on Christ-centered, mission-minded prayer is reigniting the church and expanding the possibilities of ministry.

The 24-7 Prayer Manual is a practical guide that can help release the power of prayer in your community. Authors Pete Greig and David Blackwell join together with other key leaders in the 24-7 movement to share invaluable insights and ideas from a remarkable journey that began in 1999. Inside you'll find simple steps and motivating ideas to establish continual prayer in your location. There are no rules, just proven principles that can help any ministry experience the power of 24-7 prayer.

£8.99.  206 pages. 

Freed From Shame by Dawn Holmes with Karen Todd


One in every four people in your church will be affected by mental illness each year. 'Freed From Shame' sheds light on the reality of mental illness in the Church, not to condemn people, leaders or churches, but instead to offer insight, education and practical advice on how to tackle this challenging subject. The book looks at what mental health issues are and how they affect those who live with them, with real life stories and suggestions on how the church can create a supportive environment.

"I have people in my church struggling with mental health. You do too. This book is an invaluable tool in learning how to understand, how to help and how to love." Mark Landreth-Smith - Pastor, Bridge Church - Newbury, UK

Diary of a (Trying to be holy) Mum by Fiona Lloyd


Meet Becky Hudson. Loving wife to Dave, devoted mother to Jennifer (9), Adam (5) and Ellie (2) - and queen of self-doubt. If only she tried harder, Becky reasons, she could be a `proper' Christian and mother! But is this the way it's meant to be? As Becky's diary records her daily `fails', it also reveals how God meets and affirms her in the marvellous muddle that motherhood can be as she tries to balance faith, fears and family life!

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